For inventory and order management, eCommerce, financials, and CRM, Uveous' cloud ERP system for the food and beverage industry is the premier solution of choice. Our Food ERP Software has experience assisting businesses like yours, thanks to our many customers in the food and beverage industry.


Automate sales, streamline your invoice and billing operations from one solution. Also, you could manage inventory handling, purchase, vendor payment, promotion & offer management and GST return filing effectively with Retail ERP Software.


Highlighting Features of Food and Beverage ERP Software

Inventory Handling

The Retail POS business intelligence approach enables retailers to have a bird’s eye of a product in terms of stock, sales, and GRN on the same screen!

 Decreased Inventory Cost

Minimize Out of Stocks

Prevents Spoilage and Obsolescence

Avoid Shrinkage

Billing & Cash Management

Avoid the need for paperwork and effectively manage your cash flow to ring up sales and keep track on the amount of ready cash available in your stores.


Purchase Management

Provision to have manual and automatic PO generation based on the ROL, max-min quantities configured, sales, sales returns of a supplier in a given time


Point of Sales

Automate sales, manage billing to balance sheet from our POS software! As it paves a way to quicken the process & improve customer satisfaction


Distribution & Repacking

Have no idea what to repack, when to repack, and how much to repack? Use our intelligence tool to repack based on previous sales and customer’s behavior


Stock Handling

Make an accurate decision on stock handling, track stock levels and movement between stores, get an update when the level goes below the threshold


GST Return Filing

As an Application Service Provider(ASP) under NSDL, our solution can most reliably help you to file your GSTR1, GSTR2A, GSTR3B returns


“Retail POS” customers’ can directly upload the sales and download the purchase data to/from GSTN portal in real-time mode. There is no intermediate files like JASON/Excel. This capability minimizes third party intervention in sales tax submission while ensuring data integrity between “RetailPOS™” and GSTN.

Customer Loyalty Program

Increase customer retention & drive more sales by offering them the reward points for every purchase, let them check the status, and redeem rewards


Retail Intelligence

With Retail Intelligence get the 3-dimensional view of your business to take strategic decisions and keep your business operations streamlined.